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All main courses (apart from pasta dishes) are served with fresh seasonal vegetables and potatoes.

Hot Starters

(V) Zuppa Del Giorno £6.95 – Soup of the day. 

(V) Involtini £7.95  Aubergines, Courgettes and Peppers, lightly pan fried and then coated in breadcrumbs seasoned with garlic, herbs & Pecorino cheese. 

(V) Mozzarella In Carrozza £6.95 – Deep fried Mozzarella coated in pastry and breadcrumbs served with optional tomato sauce. (£1 Extra)

(V) Funghi Gradinati £7.95 – Oven baked Mushrooms filled with breadcrumbs, garlic and Pecorino cheese with herbs.

(V) Parmigiana £7.95 –  Layers of Aubergines with tomato sauce, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

Pepata Di Cozze Al Vino Bianco £8.95 – Mussels in white wine sauce with Garlic and herbs with a touch of chilli.

Gamberoni Al Vino Bianco £11.95  King Prawns cooked in white wine with garlic and herbs.

Calamari Fritti £8.95 – Deep fried Calamari.

Arancini Al Ragú 1 £4.50 or 2 £8.00 – Rice balls coated with pastry and breadcrumbs, filled with Ragú Sacuce and Mozzarella cheese then deep fried.

(V) = Suitable For Vegetarians

Cold Starters

Antipasto All’Italiana £8.95Selection of typical Italian cold meats.

Crudo Di Parma & Melone £7.95Parma Ham & Melon.

Carpaccio Di Manzo £8.95Thin slices of raw beef dressed with olive oil and lemon, served on a bed of fresh Rocked salad with shavings of Parmesan Cheese.

(V) Insalata Caprese £7.95Fresh Mozzarella and tomato with Basil & a hint of olive oil.

(V) Bruschetta £5.95Toasted bread with tomatoes, olives & onions.

Cocktail Di Gamberi £7.95Avocado and prawn cocktail with Salsa Aurora.

(V) = Suitable For Vegetarians


Lasagna Al Ragú £9.95Layers of egg pasta with Ragú sauce, Mozzarella & Parmesan cheese.

Pasta Del Tindari £10.50Pasta with seafood and fresh chopped tomatoes in white wine sauce.

A’ Matriciana £8.95Pasta with Pancetta, onion & Pecorino cheese in a creamy tomato sauce.

Sugu Cchi Purpetti £9.95Pasta with Ragú sauce & typical homemade Sicilian meatballs.

A Francescana Du Cogu £8.95 – Pasta with Ragú sauce, Mushrooms, Parmesan cheese and a touch of cream.

Farfalle Al Salmone £8.95 – Bow-Tie shaped pasta with Salmon and fine chopped onion & a touch of cream.

Spaghetti Alla Bolognese £8.95 – Pasta with Ragú sauce (Minced meat & tomato sauce).

(V) (Hot!) Spaghetti Aglio e Olio £8.95 – Pasta with Garlic, Chilli and Herbs with Olive Oil.

A’ Carbonara £8.95 – Pasta with Onion, Pancetta, Egg and Parmsan cheese with a touch of cream.

Luinguine Ai Gamberoni £18.50 – Pasta with Mushrooms & King Prawns cooked in a cream sauce.

Pasta Ca’ Sasizza £18.95Pasta in tomato sauce with Typical Homemade Sicilian Sausage.

Risotto, Tortellini & Gnocchi

Risotto Alla Pescatora £10.50Risotto with seafood cooked in tomato sauce.

(V) Risotto Ai Funghi Porcini £9.95 – Risotto with wild Mushrooms cooked in a cream sauce.

Risotto Alla Paesana £9.95 – Risotto with Prawns cooked in a cream sauce with shavings of Courgettes & Carrots.

(V) Tortellini Gratinati £8.95 – Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini oven baked with cream and Parmesan cheese.

(V) Tortellini Ca’ Sarsa £8.95 – Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini in tomato sauce.

(V) Gnocchi Ai Funghi £7.95 – Potato dumplings pasta with Mushrooms, Parmesan cheese with a touch of cream.

Gnocchi Al Ragú £8.95 – Potato dumplings pasta cooked with Ragú sauce.

(V) = Suitable For Vegetarians

Fillet Steaks

Filetto Alla Bella Sicilia £20.95 – Fillet steak cooked with Funghi Porcini (wild mushrooms) and onion in a Brandy & Marsala sauce.

Filetto Alla Griglia £17.95 – Fillet steak simply grilled and served with a Sicilian dressing (Olive Oil, Herbs & hint of vinegar).

Filetto Mari e Monti £19.95 – Fillet steak cooked with Mushrooms and Prawns in a cream sauce.

U’ Filettu Mafiusu £19.95 – Fillet steak cooked with Onions, Aubergines, Peppers and Capers.

Straccetti Al Pepe Verde £19.95 – Sliced Fillet steak with green Peppercorns & Asparagus in a cream sauce with a hint of Brandy.

Filetto In Crema Di Dolcelatte £19.95 – Fillet steak with a creamy Dolcelatte sauce.

Filetto Al Porto £19.95 – Fillet steak cooked with Ruby Port sauce and topped up with crispy Pancetta.


Pollo Ai Funghi £13.95 – Chicken breast cooked with Mushrooms & herbs in a cream sauce.

Pollo Dolcelatte £13.95 – Chicken breast cooked in a creamy Dolcelatte sauce.

Pollo Alla Cacciatora £13.95 – Chicken breast cooked with Mushrooms, Peppers, Herbs & white wine.

Cotoletta Di Pollo £13.95 – Slices of Chicken breast coated in breadcrumbs and then lightly pan fried. ADD: Creamy Dolcelatte Pasta £17.95


Salti In Bocca Alla Siciliana £15.95 – Slices of Veal cooked in white wine and garlic sauce, with Parma Ham and Mozzarella.

Braciole Alla Messinese £15.95 – Rolls of Veal filled with Ham & Mozzarella cheese, coated in breadcrumbs and then grilled.

Portafoglio Delizia £19.95 – Slice of Veal folded and filled with Parma Ham & Mozzarella, then coated in breadcrumbs and lightly pan fried. Served with pasta in a cream sauce with Mushrooms & Parma Ham.

Cotoletta Alla Milanese £14.95 – Slice of Veal coated in breadcrumbs and then lightly pan fried. ADD: Pasta in tomato sauce £17.95


Agnello Ai Funghi £14.95 – Slices of Lamb Steak cooked with mushrooms and herbs in a red wine sauce.

Agnello Ai Frutti Di Bosco £15.95 Slices of Lamb Steak coated in breadcrumbs and then lightly pan fried, served in a creamy Dolcelatte sauce & topped up with sweet Berries.


Pesce Spada Alla Griglia £15.95 – Grilled Swordfish steak served with a hint of Olive Oil & Herbs.

Fritto Misto Di Pesce £15.95 – Selection of deep fried fish.

Branzino Al Vino Bianco £16.95 – Sea-Bass fillets cooked with a hint of Garlic in white wine sauce.

Cotoletta Di Pesce Spada £15.95 – Swordfish steak coated in breadcrumbs and then lightly pan fried.

Merluzzo Alla Messinese £16.95 – Cod fillet cooked with chopped Tomatoes, Onion, Black Olives & Capers.

Homemade Desserts

Tiramisú £5.50 – A wonderful homemade example of this Italian classic

Cassata Siciliana £5.50 – Creamy ricotta cake with raisins and finished in almond pastry

Cannolo Siciliano £5.50 – Crunchy round pastry filled with creamy ricotta & pistacchios

Crém Caramel £5.50 – Homemade crém caramel

Ice Creams

Vanilla Dream
Guest Flavour
Swiss Chocolate
Mint Chocolate
Lemon Sorbet



White Wines

House White Wine Dry with heaps of fruit and long finish.  (Glass) £3.80 (Bottle) £14.50

Frascati Superiore Gran Picco Produced with Trebbiano and Malvasia, crisp and plesant with a satisfying texture. (Bottle) £17.00

Surya Bianco Scents of Ample, with hints of white flower and exotic fruit.  (Glass) £6.50 (Bottle) £23.95

Pinot Grigio IGT classico Zonin Clean, fresh, grapy white has subtle hints of fruits and flowers.  (Glass) £6.00 (Bottle) £21.00

Insolia DOC Feudo di Butera 100% Insolia. With delicate tones of pears and melons. Dry and elegant.   (Bottle) £23.00

Sauvignon Ca’ Bolani DOC Fresh and intense with scents of green peppers, elderflowers and sage.  (Glass) £6.50 (Bottle) £23.95

Traminer Ca Bolani DOC Hints of acacia, flowers and honey, dry and fruity.  (Bottle) £26.00

Grillo DOC Feudo Di Butera With notes of citrus, pineapple and a gentle minty hint. Rich and well-balanced. (Bottle) £32.00

Gavi Di Gavi Cossetti DOCG Fruity with scents of green apple, lime and pear.  (Bottle) £36.00

Red Wines

House Red Wine Medium bodied ruby red with intense fruit flavours. Well balanced with good structure.  (Glass) £3.80 (Bottle) £14.50

Valpolicella Classico DOC Zonin Bright, lively, ruby red. The bouquet is vinous, fresh and appealing. (Glass) £5.50 (Bottle) £21.00

Chianti DOCG Sant’Ilario Full, rich with a wonderful depth and concentration of fruit, with a hint of spice.  (Glass) £6.50 (Bottle) £21.00

Merlot DOC Aquileia Zonin With a dart ruby red colourm this wine is full and intense with notes of cherries, ripe red fruit, jam and a light spicy sweetness.  (Bottle) £22.00

Nero D’Avola DOC Feudo Di Butera Vibrant and fragrant aromas of plum and cherry fruit are balanced with soft ripe tannis.   (Bottle) £27.95

Refosco Dal Penducolo Rosso DOC Superiore 100% Refosco aged 6 months in Slovenian oak barrels. Well balanced and full bodied it has very good length on the palate. The bouquet is fresh with scents of wild berries, flowers and spices. Refosco 2010, golden medal winner at the Decanter Wine Awards 2012.  (Bottle) £26.00

Surya Rosso Feudo Principi Di Butera Intense ruby red with garnet hues. Intense and full, expressed with plesant hints of small woodland fruits, notes of mediterranean shrub and spices. Well structured, pleasantly fresh with a soft, persistent finale that reminds us of the fruit. (Glass) £6.50 (Bottle) £23.95

Bonarda Frizzante Oltre Po Pavese 100% Croatina vinified by traditional methods in order to emphasize it’s attractive fruitness, it is then re-fermented to obtain a fragrant, lightly fizzy style. Intense ruby red with violet reflections. Intensely fruity, with hints of violets, bitter almonds, sour black cherries and plums. (Bottle) £26.95

Rosé Wines

Rosato Borgo San Leo The wine is fresh, fruity, crisp with gentle touch of spiciness.   (Glass) £4.50 (Bottle) £16.95

Pinot Grigio Blush Zonin Pinot Grigio grapes with an inviting copper colour. On the palate it is plesantly fresh and fruity. (Bottle) £22.00

Sparkling & Champagne

Moscato Spumante Intense scents of peaches and exotic fruit. Fresh and pleasentely sweet. (Bottle) £19.00

Rosamaro Masseria Altemura The bouquet is fruity and floral fresh and delicate Prosecco with an appealingly fruity aftertaste. (Bottle) £24.00

Prosecco Special Cuvee’ DOC Prosecco wine, a fine clear mousse with avery delicate perlage. Intense very fruity and aromatic. (Glass) £7.50 (Bottle) £24.00

House Champagne (Bottle) £39.00

Moet Et Chandon, Brut Imperial NV (Bottle) £59.00

Bollinger, Special Cuvee’ NV (Bottle) £79.00

Dom Perignon (Bottle) £165.00


** PLEASE NOTE: Prices shown are Eat-In prices. Takeaway/Delivery prices may vary **